3 Steps to Internet Marketing

This is a three-step guide on how to position your business online and also how internet marketing in Australia (and globally) works in general.

Three Steps to Marketing Your Business Online

There are 3 fundamental steps you should take to ensure a solid strategic campaign. Interestingly most businesses don’t do this and that’s why opportunites abound on the internet if you’re patient and willing to do some work. Or alternatively find someone you can trust and pay them to do it.

Web Marketing Perth Overview - Positioning Your Business Online

Web Marketing Perth Overview - Positioning Your Business Online

Step One: Competitive Analysis

Analyse how your competitors are marketing themselves online. This will give you an idea of what you need to do to rank higher than them in the search engines. It will also tell you how hard you have to come out of the blocks with your internet marketing campaign.

For example if your business market isn’t so competitive on the internet, there’s no need to go mad producing all kinds of websites, videos and articles etc when something very simple may get excellent results.

Alternatively, if you’re up against very well marketed and established websites then you must be prepared to march into battle with all guns blazing. This isn’t always practical though given the time and resources at your disposal.

However, the next step (identifying profitable keyword phrases) may uncover easier and equally profitable places on the internet for your business.

Step Two: Identify Profitable Keyword Phrases

Identifying the most searched and profitable keyword phrases in your market niche is great however it must always be balanced with how competitive those keyword phrases.

For example, the keyword phrase “real estate” is a very searched for phrase and wildly profitable but it may take a few years of work to rank well for that term in the search engines. I’m talking about free organic search engine listings here.

So remember, its the balance of good monthly searches and the amount of competing web pages optimised for that particular keyword phrase. The google keyword tool is a free resource that will help you start the process.

Step Three: Strategically Post Content, Videos & Images

In the diagram above you can see the type of sites (besides your website) where you should post all your relevant content, videos and images.

These are very important as they increase your chance of being found on the internet exponentially!!

Not only are they public websites but some are also search engines in their own right. For example, many people actively search for products and services on YouTube. They also search in business directories and web 2.0 sites etc.

If you have correctly finished the Step One competitors’ analysis, you know how much effort you need to assign to this. And, how far and wide you need to post your business message on the internet.

If you’ve correctly identified your most profitable and doable keyword phrases in Step Two then these are what you use to optimise all the information you put on the public websites. Very important!! And all with links back to your website. Very important!!

Result of Correct Internet Marketing

People searching online for the types of product/services your business offers will find you!

Business lead generation 24/7 365 days a year.

Return On Investment (ROI)

Whether you do it all yourself or contract someone to do it for you, measuring the ROI is important. You want to know that your efforts or $’s are well placed and targeted.

This three step online marketing strategy can measured quite simply by the amount of clicks to your main website (i.e. google analytics), a forwarding email address and/or forwarding telephone number.

We trust this has been useful and if you’re too busy to do it yourself please contact us at Web Marketing Perth. Our rates are very reasonable and we’ll ensure you get results.

Please be sure to include your email address, telephone number and website address (if you have one).

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