Marketing Predictions for 2011

Some very interesting marketing predictions for 2011 have emerged that will help with your strategy. Of course, we all have our own opinions but I like to have an open mind and listen to many different views.

There’s a link to the full article below but here are some of the main points in a nutshell:

Marketing Predictions for 2011

  • Mobile marketing will continue its rapid growth and integrate even more with offline marketing.
  • Social media will mature further as a tool for businesses. Measurement has always been a challenge and there are already more developments for measuring ROI.
  • Related to use of social media, we may see big corporations shed some of their “infamous” corporate speak and use more accessible language in their blogs and social pages.
  • More of the bigger companies will realise the importance of seo (search engine optimisation) as smaller company business websites (with internet marketing help) are often outranking them in the search engines.
  • Ecommerce sites are set to become even more intelligent in terms of geo-targeting, noticing what we like and how  often we search for something in google etc.
  • The web and TV will converge even more.
  • Use of smart phones will accelerate. Keep an eye on the augmented reality apps that are emerging. Very good for businesses such as restaurants and bars who want to be discovered while people are out and about.  Or real estate agents who want house details to be more accessible for those on the road.

Digital marketing strategist Samir Balwani will expand on most of these points in his excellent marketing predictions for 2011 article. Good food for thought…enjoy!

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