Search Engine Marketing Australia – Why Is It Better?

When you think about marketing your business there are many different ways to go about it. All have their merits and are important in any strategy however the chart below shows how search engine marketing australia is the best method by far.

Chart created by Martin Maybrook

Text below by Gareth Mealor of Web Marketing Perth – Search Engine Marketing Australia (SEM). Here I will expand on each point shown in the chart above:

  1. Used By Over 80% of Users – This is actually a statistic from the US however Australia is catching up fast. Think about how often people do quick searches for things they need on their computer or mobile phone instead of pulling out the yellow pages or searching for that newspaper ad.
  2. Totally Targeted Advertising Visible to Consumers when they are Actively Looking for Your Products or Services – People tend to see most advertising passively when they are doing or concentrating on something else. For example, people don’t read a newspaper to see ads. Nor do they watch TV to hopefully see a particular ad or race to the mailbox hoping that there’s a direct mail insert in the local newspaper. Don’t get me wrong, this advertising does work to a certain extent but its not catching people when they most want to see the message. With search engine marketing its different because people are actively looking for what you provide and your website, ad or video etc is there waiting for them!
  3. Always on 24/7 for up-to-date advertising: Unlike internet marketing, the other forms of marketing shown above aren’t ready and waiting to be seen 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Not unless you have a MASSIVE marketing budget.
  4. Easily Edited and Updated Anytime: When you market online you can update the information in your websites or ads anytime you wish. So if prices have changed or you have a new campaign idea…no problem just change things with the push of a button.
  5. Ability to Dominate Over your Competitors’ Ads: This point actually applies to pay-per-click advertising (ppc). These are the small ads you see on the right side of any search engine listing page. You don’t have to do ppc advertising to be successful with search engine marketing (sem) but if you do…then there are ways to ensure that your ad will always appear before your competitors.
  6. Ability to Place Your Ad in Front When Looking for Competitor’s Business Name: Again this point applies to pay-per-click ads (ppc) and is a bit sneaky. However many people do it so its worth knowing about.
  7. Able to Easily Capture Customer Contact Information: The beauty of marketing online is that you can easily capture potential customers’ email and/or phone numbers through having a opt-in box on your site. The way to do this is to offer them something, for example a free quote, or a discount, or some extra detailed information etc. It provides the customer with something they were actively searching for and gives you a means of following up with them. Can you do that with newspapers, tv, radio, mail drops etc? No.
  8. Easy to Track ROI Without Customer Involvement: It is a simple matter to track how many clicks to a website and exactly where those clicks came from. It’s also possible to track email inquiries for certain campaigns using a forwarding system. And it’s possible to track telephone inquiries by setting up a forwarding telephone number for the purpose. This gives you the exact information necessary to decide if your campaign has been worth it or not. And you don’t even have to ask your customers anything if you don’t want to.
  9. Easy to Track Success Rate Without Customer Involvement: This is really just another way to say the above point 8. So, if you decide that 150 new leads a month is the success objective for a marketing campaign then you can easily track that data and ensure you’re getting a good ROI. Of course, it’s up to you and your sales people to convert those leads to dollars. Search engine marketing when done correctly will make your phone ring more often and then the ball is in your court to do what you do best!
  10. Flexible Multi-Media Ads (Videos, Text, Images, Sound): Only internet marketing offers these excellent features easily and relatively cheaply. People love to see, hear and read things in a variety of formats and search engine marketing¬† allows you to provide just that. Only TV comes close but is quite expensive and isn’t as flexible if wanting to make changes.

I hope this information has been useful in helping you to decide whether to adopt search engine marketing for your business. Again, all the marketing methods listed in the chart above are good however none match the cost effectiveness and the incredible reach of the internet.

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