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A video marketing campaign will help your business stand out from the pack as most competitors probably won’t be doing it. Possibly they think its too expensive or just too hard to do correctly. In reality its neither.

Why Video Marketing?

Nowadays more than ever, there’s a definite desire for quick and interesting marketing messages as opposed to drawn-out information sharing about what your business offers. People are just too busy!

Getting Attention
For this reason, short online videos (1 to 2 minutes) are an excellent medium to grab a person’s attention, leave a good impression and have them¬† wanting to find out more.

Building Trust
Online videos also enable business owners to make a personal connection with potential clients and start to create a degree of trust. People prefer to do business with people and companies they know and trust so if you genuinely communicate a message about why you are in the business and how you can help people in your market then customers will come.

Endless Advertising
The beauty of marketing your business online with videos is that they will exist for a long time! A well-optimised video will rank well on the internet for one, two, three years or more. And if you know what you’re doing, you can re-optimise them periodically to keep them fresh. For example, changing the title, re-rendering and so on. And not to forget that embedding videos on your website is an endless advertisement as well.

Compared to Newspapers
As a comparison, newspaper advertising while very effective in some ways just doesn’t have the cost effectiveness that video marketing has. Also your newspaper ad will only appear once in one location and that’s it, gone forever until you stump up some more cash!

You in the Marketing Video?

Many people just don’t want to actually appear in a video no matter how passionate they are about their business. This is one reason why not many business owners do video marketing and why there is a window of opportunity for you.

If appearing is out of the question, a series of photos and video footage with a good voice-over can also be a highly effective video. In fact very effective!

Even videos without a voice-over and just key text messages appearing at relevant moments are very good. In fact, many viewers will have a quick look at online videos with the sound down when at work or late in the evening.

Youtube Marketing

Owned by google and commanding a huge chunk of the online video market, you should definitely post any marketing video you do on Youtube as it is one of the world’s busiest websites and growing. We highly recommend unleashing the power of Youtube to get exposure and funnel viewers back to your website.

Usually a short video of 1-2 minutes in length is enough to get your message across and keep watchers engaged. Of course, if you want to appear in the video yourself then it will become a bit more personal.

Basic Seo Video Tips

  • Be sure your video title is a relevant well-searched keyword phrase
  • Input relevant tags to your business and remember put multiple word tags in quotes to group them
  • Put your website address in the description box along with a keyword rich description that includes your contact details
  • Put all relevant contact details, website address and information about your business on your youtube channel. This is really a free website for you so make sure its full of information.
  • Start finding and adding friends to your youtube channel and subscribe to other channels that you feel are relevant
  • The more friends you add, the more chance people will find your video on youtube. It is a social media website that has a lot of cool sharing and exposure features that become more apparent the more you do it

Web Marketing Perth

We hope all this information is useful! The spirit of DIY is alive and well in Australia and we think that’s great.

However if you don’t have time to learn how to do it properly or prefer to get the experts in, leave the video marketing to us. Please give Web Marketing Perth a call on 0422 863 433 or send an email.

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