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  • Reach More Target Customers
  • Generate More Qualified Leads
  • Get More Exposure For Your Brand
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"Social & Content"

Uses Facebook and Content Marketing to raise your business profile and drive more sales.


How It Will Help You

We build your exposure on Facebook (the right way) for a very affordable cost.

We target your preferred customers and raise your business profile.

More people get to know your brand.

You get a steady stream of potential customers visiting your website.

You generate more leads and sell more products.


How It Works

Facebook Posts & Ads

Regular posts and ads to target audiences on Facebook.

Segment Audiences

Automatically segment people into those who engage with your posts and those who don't.

New Content On Your Website

Send more targeted posts to your engaged audience and drive them to your website.

Repeat For More Website Visitors

Continue pushing out relevant content to engage more people and bring them to your website.


Why It Works

What Most Do

Most businesses use social media to purely post about themselves or run ads to cold audiences.

Many forget that the potential customers may not know them yet and aren't ready to buy or order.

The First Difference

The first step of our system ensures your target audience provides good exposure to your company through high volume posting about topics that interest them.

Your potential customers get to know you as a brand that shares interesting articles about what 'THEY' like (and not just what you want to sell).

Perception Shift

If you do this consistently over a period of time, people start to know you and maybe even like you.

This is very different to the company that's only delivering ads and talking about themselves.

Segmented Into Warmer Leads

The people who do engage with your regular helpful posts then get segmented into a list of warmer potential leads.

Start Selling

We then send more targeted posts, ads and offers (with links to your website) to those warmer potential leads. They've already expressed an interest so now's the time.

More Open To Buying From You

As these people have already seen your name around (in a positive way), they are likely to land on your website with a bit more trust than someone who has simply clicked a cold ad and visiting for the first time.

Keeps Going 24/7

The cycle above keeps reaching more and more people over time. It raises your profile and the increased website traffic means more probability of making a sale.

More Free Organic Website Visits

As the system includes 4 new blog posts on your website each month, it helps to increase your free website visits from search engines like Google.

Custom Built For Your Business


What It Will Do For You

Expand your Facebook audience.

Increase social engagement.

Expand the content on your blog.

Increase your organic search website visits.

Grow the strength of your brand.

Get more website visitors.

Drive more sales.


"Social & Content"

A Done-For-You Service

$699 monthly + Facebook Ad Spend*

* We recommend at least $300 per month for Facebook.

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